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Liquidity Risk

We can help you adapt to the new liquidity risk monitoring and reporting standards brought in by the EBA, such as LCR, NSFR, and Monitoring Metrics.

Do you still rely on manual processes for reporting?
Do you use different source systems for your data and has validation become a time-consuming process?

Try our data-driven solution, which integrates all existing data into one simple system that can help you monitor your liquidity with the help of interactive dashboard, comply with the new ECB validation rules, along with automatically generated reports in XBRL format

liquidity risk


AnaCredit is coming into full effect in 2018 and it brings some major challenges.

Data collection and aggregation can be a difficult process, and the monthly reporting can result in time-consuming and error-prone processes.

If you’re facing difficulties with these challenges, our fully automated solution not only helps you aggregate the data needed but also makes them easily reconcilable.

credit risk


Do you have market risk reporting for your organisation or are you increasing your operations so that market risk reporting becomes applicable?

With our market risk solution, we can help you aggregate data for market risk reporting from multiple data sources into one database. This makes reconciliation between reports and their analysis easier and less time-consuming.
Along with that, our market risk dashboard can enhance analyzing and monitoring effectiveness of your organisation.

market risk

News and updates

ING Bank

Risksols delivered Automated Monitoring Metrics, resulting in decreased errors and saved time.

Liquidity Risk Solution

The implementation of new templates of LCR, NSFR, and AMM are coming into effect in 2018, and challenges that existed are reappearing. First of all, a lot of data is sourced from disparate source systems and the key challenge for liquidity management lies...


The deadline for AnaCredit compliance is approaching fast as the first complete AnaCredit reporting date is the 30th of September 2018. So, what exactly is AnaCredit and what challenges come with it? And more importantly, is there a solution...

New Regulations

In the past few years, the EBA has introduced a set of new liquidity risk monitoring standards and regulations. More specifically, the LCR and the NSFR are to come into full effect in 2018. The LCR, or Liquidity Coverage Ratio, is a measure...

About US

Risksols is a company based in The Netherlands. It is formed primarily by risk management professionals who had extensive experience in conceiving and developing risk management systems.  Since firstly we built the systems for our own use...

Mizuho Bank Europe

"RiskSols developed and maintained our liquidity risk solution for LCR and AMM" Takuya Yorita, Head of Planning and Risk Management, Mizuho Bank Europe

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